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Hi friends, If you're following me on Telegram and Instagram you might have already seen my latest post. We talked so much over the last year on my lives about health solutions moving forward and how people can heal themselves or help their loved ones heal. After conversations with friends we came up with this idea and have teamed up with some of my favorite doctors, nutritionists and health experts to bring you the “Holistic Health Bundle”, a collection of 100+ ebooks, courses and guides available at a bundled price of only $50!

Over $6000 worth of programs, ebooks and guides for only $50. It’s a 99% discount! There is no catch, except that the offer is only available for 2 more days then it’s gone!


- Some topics included in the bundle:

- Holistic methods for healing a wide range of chronic illnesses, including autoimmune diseases, inflammation and adrenal fatigue

- Doctor-approved detox formulas, with proper drainage, cleansing and recipes

- Foraging for medicinal herbs, healing plants, and nature’s superfoods

- Inner healing, heart-opening breath work, sexual healing and cacao ceremonies

- Herbalism and natural remedies for healing common ailments naturally

- Holistic health practices including homeopathy and Chinese medicine

- Mindset and personal development for tackling challenges and obstacles in your life

- Biohacking including hormone balancing, cold therapy, sleep optimization, and light optimization

- Creating a low-tox home, including chemical free recipes for home products

- Natural beauty and body care products using plants and natural ingredients

- Healing recipes, detox juices and superfood smoothies to boost your immune system and support your metabolism

- Holistic pregnancies, postpartum practices, ceremonial mothering and holistic health guides for you and your little ones

- Gut health, nutritionist approved health guides and holistic meal plans

- And much more!


Some of you messaged me after other bundles were no longer available. Don't miss my favorite one yet!


I hope you love it as much as I do!

-JM, Founder - Covid Vaccine Victims

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